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Deposit Manager Pro

开发 Тачков Дмитрий
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The application "Deposit Manager Pro" is a mobile Deposit calculator and keeper bank accounts and deposits.Mobile Deposit Manager Pro allows you to keep records of bank accounts, to predict future income and plan your investments
The main advantages of Deposit Manager Pro for Android:- calculation of expected return on deposits - Maintenance of statistics accrued interest and replenishments- Interests, depending on the date of deposit and the number of days in the month- ability to block access to deposits with a password;- Prolongation- Ability to change Deposit period- (NEW) Ability to change Deposit rate- (NEW) Widgets- No Ads, no Internet access
With this application, you can store data about all of your bank deposits and savings on your smartphone, in order to keep accurate records and to help predict future earnings.The app's flexible configuration options allows you to track deposits and accurately calculate your amount of income, so that you can efficiently manage your savings. There are various options for charging interest: the last day of each month , once a month on the day of deposit, advance or at the end of the term and even daily.The app also has other helpful properties, such as capitalization of interest, replenishment and partial withdrawals.The user can access graphics to show detailed information on thier deposits and accrued interest. If necessary, you can easily change the interest rate in the mid-term, and at the end of a deposit term it can be extended.Depending on the type of deposit, whether replenishments or partial withdrawals, it is possible to make track all transactions on the deposit. Deposit Manager automatically recalculates the accrual of interest in subsequent periods.When approaching the end of the deposit term, Deposit Manager notifies you to the necessity of a withdrawal or rollover contribution.The application has password protection funtionality, which will prevent unauthorized access.The app has no ads, does not require internet access and has full data encryption - this guarantees additional security.Setup Deposit Manager Pro and you become the owner of a powerful tool for controlling and managing bank deposits the whole family.